Folk remedies have been tested over time to increase potency!

tincture of ginseng root for strength

A healthy erection is the pride of every man, especially in old age. If men's potency decreases, then they become insecure, nervous, withdrawn, and their self-esteem decreases. Many begin to fight the disease with the help of drugs that increase the production of the hormone testosterone.

They are not suitable for everyone, they have many side effects. Some experienced doctors, finding a problem, recommend trying folk remedies to increase the potential. They often help to cope with the disease, if it has not yet become chronic.

Reasons for violation of the law

You should not try to diagnose yourself and start treatment, only a doctor can diagnose the problem and its stage of development, he will tell you how to increase the potential. Treatment is also determined individually after a thorough examination.

The main causes of potential disorders:

  • Avitaminosis.
  • Eating large amounts of fats, carcinogens, chemical flavor enhancers, alcohol.
  • Long course of antibiotics.
  • Taking drugs that adversely affect the body's testosterone production.
  • Often stressful situations.
  • Passive lifestyle.
  • Wrong underwear.

Traditional medicine can help to overcome the problem of violation of normal male potential, only the cause of its violation is negative factors. If the underlying cause of the disease is a disease, traditional medical therapy is indispensable for the male reproductive system.

According to medical statistics, the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men aged 30-60 years are:

  • Chronic diseases.
  • Bad habits.
  • Frequent stress.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Living in places with negative environmental conditions.

Methods of diagnosing the disease

Erection problems do not always manifest themselves directly. If erectile dysfunction is rare, it may be the first symptom of the development of pathology, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is important to remember that folk remedies to improve potency, such as herbal infusions, can cause severe allergic reactions.

Also, do not rule out the possibility of latent infections in the body. Some of them have a negative impact on the growing potential at the initial stage. In this case, folk remedies for male potential will be ineffective.

Before making an accurate diagnosis, you must do the following:

  • Analysis to determine the pathogenic flora of the body.
  • Tests for all types of venereal diseases.
  • See a urologist, proctologist, rule out the presence of pathologies in the reproductive system.
  • If necessary, perform an ultrasound.

Honey treatment of erectile dysfunction

Even in ancient times, folk remedies to improve potency included wild bee honey, which was considered the main delicacy for lovers. It contains many vitamins and elements that have a positive effect on the male reproductive system. Many men who closely monitor men's health eat a small spoonful of honey every day.

walnuts with honey for potency

You can use a special mixture of honey and nuts to increase the potential. Normalizes blood circulation in the penis, restores erectile function. You need natural honey and walnuts to cook.

Honey can be chopped buckwheat, linden, nuts. If there is an additional problem with ejaculation, then dried apricots and dates are added to the treatment. They improve the function of the penis, the composition of sperm will be more active.

The mixture is taken daily: 1 tablespoon during breakfast and dinner. The course of treatment is 10-14 days.

People who are overweight or have metabolic problems are not recommended to take the above ingredients, there are other folk remedies to increase the potential quickly.

In addition to the therapeutic mixture, you can make honey candles: the main component is a wax cake. Mix 0. 5 kg of raw material and 0. 5 liters of vodka, bring to a boil, cook until the composition turns brown and thickens. Leave to cool, then make a candle yourself and keep in the cold for 20-24 hours.

The base can be petroleum jelly or glycerin. Candles are used rectally twice a day, the course of treatment is 30 days.

Herbal treatment of erectile dysfunction

With the improvement of potency in men, herbs have always had a special place. They enrich the body with valuable minerals and substances, natural oils. The doctor will explain which folk remedies are suitable for a person.

Herbs dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, stabilize the blood supply to the genitals, kill harmful microbes, help reduce inflammation in the urethra, inside the bladder.


One of the most popular is ginseng. It has many useful features:

  • Increase body efficiency.
  • Increasing the body's endurance.
  • Normalization of erectile function.

As a main component, ginseng is part of natural medicines, the purpose of which is to increase the potential with folk remedies.

If the pathology is at an early stage, you can drink tea or ginseng tincture to stabilize the penis. It is recommended to use fresh herbs for its preparation, if this is not possible, dried leaves are taken.

Need a spoonful of herbs, 350 grams of honey, 30 grams of vodka. Stir, insist 10 days. Take infusion 3 times a day for half a teaspoon for 2 months.


The next most popular nettle to increase potential. It also restores the body's strength, eliminates inflammatory processes and improves male potency.

To prepare a healing infusion need herbs and dried raw materials - 2 tablespoons, pour 100–150 ml boiling water, insist 30–40 minutes, filtered. 25-30 minutes before meals, 2 times a day, the duration of treatment - 40-45 days.

Nettle treatment is best done in the spring when the leaves are still young and juicy. Nettle seeds can be used at other times of the year.

To prepare the mixture you need a spoonful of seeds, 200 grams of honey, 50-70 grams of red wine. Use a small spoon 2 times a day for 30-40 days.


Thyme is considered a medicinal plant to normalize the functioning of the reproductive system. Enriches the male body with zinc.

To prepare the infusion, you will need 2 tablespoons of the plant, pour boiling water, insist 20-25 minutes. The composition can be used instead of tea, but not more than 4 times a day. The course of treatment is 4-5 months.

Ways to "quickly" increase potential

In folk medicine, there are tools that quickly affect the potential of men. Their undoubted advantage is safety and naturalness for the body.

Mustard plasters are an effective way to increase potency in men. They are used topically, ie they should be applied to the area responsible for erection and sexual desire, in men it is the foot. To irritate the reflex zones, it is necessary to apply mustard plasters on the feet for 10-15 minutes, the blood gradually flows to the pelvis, the penis grows.

The use of mustard plasters is not recommended if the person has wounds, fever or chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

For men, traditional medicine often recommends walking barefoot and doing a foot massage. Not recommended for musculoskeletal problems.

If erectile dysfunction is rarely a concern, then folk remedies to quickly increase the potential, these are drinks with oriental spices, have a good effect on the work of the heart muscle, normalize the functioning of the nervous system. You can add saffron, ginger and cloves to the hot drink. Teas improve the quality of sexual intercourse, prevent diseases of the reproductive system.

In old age, a person should pay special attention to health and choose only safe folk remedies to increase their potential. This is the consumption of pumpkin seeds. It is better if it is raw.

To prepare the composition, you need 5 tablespoons of crushed seeds, 3 tablespoons of natural honey, aloe juice, mix everything and infuse for 72 hours. Older men need to use a small spoon 6 times a day to increase potency. The course is not more than 30 days.


Only a specialist can answer the question of how to increase the potential with folk remedies. It is important that the pathology is at an early stage of development.

It is important to remember that there are always contraindications. In the last few years, the restoration of potential with folk remedies is also very popular due to the high prices of high-quality drugs.