Products for potency: how to increase potential with nutrition?

Men prefer not to talk about potential problems and rarely consult a doctor. The problem is really very subtle, but often it is almost impossible to solve it without determining the cause. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek help from doctors, but products that affect the potential in the most positive sense of the word will help to strengthen the prescribed treatment, to support it.

Causes of intimate problems and solutions

treats human impotence with food

In 2011, commissioned by Bayer HealthCare, SatisFACTS conducted an internationally represented online survey on men's sex life, and found that many of them felt the pressure of changing circumstances - exaggerated expectations of partners to meet their intimate needs, through the media and others. their capabilities. Only half of respondents believe they need medication to treat erectile dysfunction to boost their self-confidence. Others choose dietary supplements (biologically active supplements) as a popular way to correct and prevent libido disorders. A scientific article on this was published in 2017 in the Journal of Drug Market and Medical Technology.

What foods can increase potential?

seafood for potential

The same dietary supplements often include plant and herbal extracts, as well as fruits, berries, and other ingredients. Of course, alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction may not be able to cope with bed problems on their own, but they can complement medication and increase its effectiveness. Here are some products that men should use:

Sea products

All types of squid, shrimp, oysters and octopus contain large amounts of zinc and selenium, which are important for maintaining male potency. Zinc is necessary for the production of sperm and male hormones for the normal functioning of the prostate, while selenium improves sperm motility, ejaculation quality and libido.


Almost all of the available spices have a beneficial effect on the potency, because they contain essential oils. The greatest benefits for men can be cardamom, dill, ginger, nutmeg, anise, cinnamon, basil.


Known and popular in past centuries, this root product contains large amounts of calcium, as well as vitamins A, PP, B group and succinic acid. Turnip is known for its ability to stimulate the heart and is the heart responsible for filling the penis with blood.


This bee product has such a rich chemical composition that it helps "everything". Contains vitamins A, E, K, C, B group, various mineral salts and other nutrients. This product has been proven to have a positive effect on reproductive health. Its royal milk is believed to improve sperm quality. However, honey is a very allergenic product, so you need to be careful with it.


This product is very popular with children, and adults are not averse to eating a piece or two, because this dessert is refreshing and energizing. We are talking about the tonic substance of theobromine.

How to increase male potency through nutrition? In general, you need to eat a balanced and rational diet. The main male hormone in the menu should be meat and fish, rich in protein, which is necessary for the production of testosterone. Eggs, especially quail, are very good for potency. But you have to be careful with alcohol. In small doses it improves potency, increases attraction, and in large doses it does the opposite and leads to impotence for a long time.